Please take a few minutes answer some questions.
What is your name?

What organisation do you work for and what is your role?

How do you currently manage, understand and visualise your client's significant relationships and networks?

Eg. Case notes, address books, genograms etc
We want to avoid calling these relationships "Family" as it is a very loaded word. Which name works best?

We are currently referring to these relationships as your client's Circle.

Circles will display people who are important in your client's life and allow you to see the team of practitioners working with those people too.

Here is the current view of Circles. What are your first impressions?

How would you decide who to add to your client's circle? How far might the circle reach?

eg. Family members, people from the same address, partners, friends, advocates, ex's?
How do you find out who those people are?

How big would a typical "Circle" for one of your clients get? (in numbers)

Imagine you have a new client, Jack. When you look in Patchwork there is no one in Jack's Circle. You know of 3 people who are important in his life. What would motivate you to add them to his Circle?

If you could order/filter people in the Circle what options would be most useful?

Select your top 3

Currently, Patchwork only allows you to add your existing clients to a Circle. Is this too limiting? Why?

Why might you want to remove someone from a Circle?

Thank you for your time
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